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Since the eigthies, South America was always a good place for extreme and brutal metal. In Lima (Peru), Maze Of Terror are delivering a strong death/thrash metal which can break your neck in two.  In 2019, the EP "Death Worshipers" can be a good introduction to the band musical style with their ferocious blast beats, heavy breaks and voracious vocals. Leviathan (bass and vocals) is telling us more about the past and the future of Maze Of Terror.

How did you meet together and wanted to form Maze Of Terror in 2012 ? Was it a short, hard or long process ?
Leviathan (bass and vocals) : We started 8 years ago when our ideas, influences and madness becomes reality with the "Skullcrusher" EP. Everything started from this point. After months of effort, Hammer and I recorded the "Skullcrusher" EP with the help of Bestial Slaugther, our first guitarist. After two years of gigs and shows, opening for different bands from Lima, we released our first album "Ready to Kill" in  2016. Now, after Eps, splits, and tours, we're waiting the pandemic to stop and then we will record our second album for Xtreem Records.

Is it easy to play and record thrash/death metal in Lima ? Let us know about the local metal scene…

Well, playing in Lima is easy, there is an small scene but strong, obviously we not gain money here but we don't care, we only focused in make music and played live. Every month, we have US bands coming here to play like Terrorizer, Sadistic Intent, Profanatica... We don't have much places to play but people always supporting us. Perú has so many good bands like Mortem, Anal Vomit, Goat Semen, some awesome bands like Necropsya, Evil Spectrum, Cobra, Obscure Evil, Sordid, Profaner, Morbid Slaugther, Sexorcist, Vulvanic, Evil Priest, Tenebrion, Antropomancia... We have a strong scene, some people says the opposite, but I think they are wrong ! We also have so many small labels releasing music through tapes and Cds. I'm talking to other people from different places and they tell me that they don't have that in their countries, this is really important and we appreciate it.

You opened for different legends of the 80's (Whiplash, Destruction, Exumer…). Is the connexion with this first generation of thrashers was easy ?

Well, we are really grateful to have played with these legends, people always supported us during these shows. All the time, we are looking for ways to expose our music, not because we want fame or recognition, we just want people to know about our music. All the bands we opened for were good guys... For example, Nasty Savage saluted us for opening for them. I learned that these people are like you and me, they want to keep metal alive... I learned that they have the same problems than all the bands, we all need the support of the metal scenes for metal becoming bigger and bigger. Our connection with them is giving us inspiration and respect, we really respect all the bands, old, small or new, they are all equal because this is the real meaning of the underground.

Can you tell us more about your different releases : "Death Worshipers", "Evoked Black Souls", "Death For Our Rivals", "Ready To Kill" (thanks for the song "Gilles de Rais"), "Skullcrusher" ? All these recordings are a lot of work…

About "Death Worshipers", our last effort, this is a demo. We started the band without releasing demos because we already recorded demos as musicians in other bands. We wanted to start in a professional way. Now, we made a demo because we wanted to show our raw sound. In 2012, "Skullcrusher" was our first release. This Ep shows our inspiration and influences, like Sepultura or Chakal. Then, the evolution of our musical style can be heard on the Lp "Ready to  Kill" (2016) which is more influenced by German and South American sound. It is musically and lyrically more elaborated. This album was released by Empire Records from Belgium on Cd and vinyl. It was also released on tape by P18 and Thundersteel Records. We are grateful too for having the opportunity to release 2 splits records. One with the guys of Amkem, an awesome thrash metal band from Greece, and the legend from LA Witchaven. In 2018, the single "Evoked Black" was originally part of a split record that wasn't released. This piece, rawer than the album, was released recently on a compilation beside the demo, by Alcolic Holocaust from Argentina... Our next work will be even more raw and brutal... We're waiting patiently to record our next attack.

Tell us more about this next step for Maze Of Terror ?

As I said, after the Covid-19 end,  we will record our second album. We have a deal with Xtreem Records and we are excited, because this label is very good for bands like us, it can give us a good diffusion. At the same time, we will record a new Ep. It is a big plan for later touring again in different countries... Thanks for the support an bestial salute for all !!! Stay brutal !!!!

Edited by Dead Zone
Photo : DR


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