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It has been several years since the pretenders in the succession of Black Sabbath crowd in the gate (of hell). With its second album, Orchid turns out to be a severe pretender in the throne still jealously preserved by Ozzy and his band. The guitarist, Mark Thomas Baker, was kind enough to answer some of our questions directly from his fief of San Francisco and before an European tour together with Witchcraft. 

Give us a brief history of Orchid ("Capricorn", signing with Nuclear Blast...) ? 
We started messing around writing material in late 2006, by around one year later we had the same lineup that we currently have. We recorded some demos in 2008 and then signed a small deal with the Church Within Records and release the EP Through the Devil's Doorway at the end of 2009. We released the Capricorn LP on the same label early in 2001. Since then we have toured Europe a few times and played at some cool festivals. In the summer of 2012 we signed a deal with Nuclear Blast records. In September we released the Heretic EP and in February we released the Wizard of War EP, which is the first single from the upcoming album The Mouths of Madness.

Is San Francisco a good place to do your music ? 
Yes, it has a unique and significant musical history. The late 60's psychedelic scene as well as the 80's thrash metal scene both play into our sound and have been part of our lives and interests. It's a very unique looking city and has a cool feel.

Describe your songwriting and recording process for The Mouths Of Madness ? 
Some songs are written complete by Theo and the rest of us add our ideas and way of playing to them, other songs are a combination of someone having a part or riff and that getting turned into a song through practice room jams and such. Recording is usually done pretty similar to the way everyone else does it. We cut the basic tracks live in a room together and then do overdubs afterwards. 

Do you prefer to be compared to the screamo band from Massachusetts (Orchid) or to Year Of The Goat ? 
One of these bands is not like the other. This is a pretty odd question. I suppose YotG, but we aren't really close in sound to either. I'm no more familiar with the genre called screamo than I am with North Korean folk music from the 1930's. Neither play any role in my life. At least I know who Year of the Goat are and have listened to them before. I think we played Roadburn with them. They are probably cool guys. 

What will be the next step for Orchid ? 
We will go on tour for 4 weeks supporting Witchcraft all over Europe. The new album comes out in Europe just as the tour starts and then comes out back here at home in mid May. I suppose after the tour, we'll come home and see what the aftermath is and see what other opportunities we have offered.

Edited by Laurent Gilot
Photo : DR

Orchid, The Mouths Of Madness (Nuclear Blast-Pias)
Out on the 26th of april 2013

Orchid, The Mouths Of Madness, video live (Roadburn festival)