Cauldron, Tomorrow’s Lost, exclusive interview

The third full-length release of Cauldron, "Tomorrow’s Lost", seems like the perfect time to step out of the shadows of the band's metal forefathers. Jason Decay (vocals, bass) and Ian Chains (guitar) told us about the recording process of this new record and the european tour to support it.

What was the response on "Burning Fortune" (the fans, the press...) ? 
Jason : Both were great. We are very happy with that record.
Ian : Seemed like we got a good response from Burning Fortune, people really seemed to like the songs and stripped down production. As far as we know it got some very decent reviews, but reading your own reviews is never the greatest idea. But more importantly we liked the album. 

What’s your most vivid memory of the recording process of "Tomorrow's Lost" ? Has there been any difference in the writing/recording process this time around ? 
Ian : The Tomorrow's Lost studio session was only about 6 months ago so it's pretty fresh in our minds. It was very similar to the Burning Fortune session (same producer, studio, gear). We just showed up and recorded the songs live until we were satisfied with them. The writing process was a little different for this one. Most of the songs were written together and rehearsed as a 2 piece with Jason on drums. But for the most part we know what works best for us and try to stick to it. 
Jason : We rehearsed as a two piece a lot in the past too, especially around Chained To The Nite so that's nothing new. Ian is becoming more and more involved with the songwriting with each release which I think has helped refine our sound. He's got a good filter for cutting the crap! The newer stuff is more to the point, but I also think its more diverse song wise. 

Is there any concept behind this new album ? Can you tell us more about the lyrics and your inspiration ? 
Jason : Its not a concept. Lyrically its deals with a lot of personal and day to day struggles that come with life and death, but really we tried to leave it open to interpretation. The album title I suppose refers to our lack of hope for the future. Hey, better to aim low, right?!? 
Ian : There's no conscious concept behind the new album. If someone wants to interpret it that way then that's fine but there's no more of a concept to it than there is with our other albums. The lyrics are primarily influenced by real life as opposed to fantasy or stories, which I think makes it easier for people to relate to them and interpret them the way they want. 

Let's talk about your european tour. Why did you choose a guillotine on the flyer ? How do you feel about playing in Paris (the date was not confirmed when we did the interview) 
Ian : Yes, the European tour is coming up really soon. There's a guillotine on the flyer because we're gonna chop Europe in half and send it home in a box! Actually it just seemed like a cool concept for a flyer or shirt. The guillotine drawing was influenced by a certain speed metal band from Paris. And speaking of Paris we're really excited to play there! This is going to be our first time playing in Paris so we're pumped to be playing the hometown of Sortilege and Warning ! 
Jason: Yeah, what he said! Oh, and the guillotine looks heavy and cool, Europe should be honoured! 

What will be the next step for the band in 2013 ? 
Jason : Well, the record comes out over here next year so we'll be working on a North American tour for the spring and then we'll see if we have any more touring options from there. If not we'll probably just hit the jam space and rock out some new tunes. 
Ian : For 2013 we're planning to return to the US for a proper tour and hopefully come back to Europe for the summer festival season, and then start working on a new album. 

Edited by Laurent Gilot
Photo : DR

Cauldron, Tomorrow’s Lost (Earache – EMI)
Out on october 08th 2012

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