Municipal Waste, The Fatal Feast into space

Municipal Waste was formed in Richmond (Virginia) in 2000 but the band is looking back in the 80's and taking musical influences from crossover/thrash of this era. In 2012, Municipal Waste is coming back with his fifth studio album, "The Fatal Feast", inspired by sci-fi gore movies. Ryan Waste speaks about this new slice of (bloody) meat.

Is Richmond a city which inspires you to conceive your music ?
Ryan Waste (guitar) : Richmond has definitely inspired the Waste. It's a trashy place but a lot of fun as well, kind of like our band. There are shows every night and never a dull moment. The music scene is very tight knit but diverse and we are still very involved locally.

What was the recording process on "The Fatal Feast" ?
It was very different compared to our last 4 records. We actually took almost the entire year of 2011 off to write and record the album. We practiced five days a week and got the songs super tight. It was a nice refreshing change from the constant touring cycle we had been on in the past. Once the songs were ready we recorded the drums live in New Jersey at Trax East Studios with Eric Rachel. We recorded guitars and vocals in Richmond in a studio in my neighborhood and sent them back to Trax East for Eric to mix the record. The end result was the live, natural feeling record we were looking for.

Let us know about the main themes on this album ? The Lyrics ?
The title track focuses on the concept on the album cover portraying a cannibalistic space voyage gone wrong. Other themes on the album cover religious cults, repo men, Japanese serial killers, addiction, and fighting the system to name a few.

Why did you collaborate with John Connely, Steve Moore and Tim Barry ?
We wanted to progress and bring in some outside contributions for a change. Steve Moore was brought in to set the tone of the album with some classic horror soundtrack intros. John Connelly is a huge influence on us so having him on the record is like paying homage to Nuclear Assault. Tim Barry is an old friend and Richmond legend, so it was a no brainer there.

What will be the next step for Municipal Waste ?
We just filmed an incredible sci-horror style video for The Fatal Feast that should be coming soon to a computer near you. It's our most over the top video to date. We hit the road for most of the year, first with GWAR in the States, as well as a headlining run to follow. We are doing a whole festival tour in Europe in the late summer so keep you eyes out for us!

Laurent Gilot
Photo : DR

Municipal Waste, The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast/Pias)
Out on april 13th 2012

Municipal Waste, The Fatal Feast, video