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We talked with the singer Cam Pipes about the new album of 3 Inches Of Blood : "Here Waits Thy Doom”. Here's the answers of this metal warrior from Vancouver.

How was received "Fire Up The Blades" by the press, the metal fans... ?
Cam Pipes : Like any new album, there's going to be the inevitable comparisons to our previous albums. Some fans and press are not going to like the newer one as much, but every band has to deal with that. Overall, I think it was received very well by the majority of people

Let us know more about the new member in the band : Ash Pearson ? How did you meet him ?
Ash had a lot of mutual friends and we'd played gigs with a couple of his bands before. He's a young guy, 23, and his skill level exceeds his age. He's a better drummer than ones we've seen who are much older, and he's only going to get better.

How was the work on this album with Jack Endino in Seattle ? Was it hard to be away from Vancouver ? Why did you deceided to handle all vocal duties for this one ?
Jack was a great guy to work with. The whole process was so easy. We share a lot of similar musical ideals with Jack and his approach was very comfortable and relaxed. That enabled us to complete the recording in about a month, which is about half the time it took to do Fire Up The Blades. We love Vancouver, but being away from it wasn't hard. We go away from Vancouver all the time when we go on tour. It's part of the job. I handled all vocal duties because Jamie quit the band. His throat can't handle the rigors of singing every day on tour, so he stepped down. Justin has been singing Jamie's parts live and will continue to do that, plus Justin did some backup vocals on the new album.

Why did you choose this title for the album and this horrific cover ? Is it important to give a special atrmosphere to your records ?
We discussed a lot of potential titles and we kept coming up with lists. I had been reading a book and I saw "here waits thy doom". I thought it sounded good. It was the first title everyone agreed on. We don't think too much about creating an atmosphere on our records. We write the songs we like and release them.

Tell us more about the lyrics and some of the tracks like "Preacher's Daughter" or "Call Of The Hammer" ?
Preacher's Daughter is about a slutty temptress who goes against her father's beliefs and lives a life of pleasure and sin.
Call of The Hammer is about the spirit of the Norse God Thor awaking from a deep slumber and inspiring the heathens of the world to rise up and crush the foolish religions and their gods.

How do you see the evolution of your music in four albums ? Can we say that you're nostalgic to 80's metal and the NWOBHM ? What does it mean for you today ? Is it important to be faithfull to metal roots ?
When this band started, we definitely wore our old school metal influences on our sleeve. The 80's metal and british metal influences will always be there and it is important to pay homage to our metal roots, but we've evolved like any band has and developed our own sound.

How do you feel about going on a massive american tour with In Flames, Between The Buried and Me and The Faceless ? Do you already know those bands ?
It'll be great to get back into a regular touring schedule. I'm curious to see how In Flames fans respond to our music and how our fans will respond to songs from the new album. I'm quite familiar with In Flames and have listened to them for many years. BTBAM and The Faceless I'm not too familiar with, but it should be an interesting mix of bands on this tour. I'm betting it will a good time.

Interview by Laurent Gilot
Photo : Omer Cordell

3 Inches Of Blood, Here Waits Thy Doom (Century Media)
August 2009


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