Suffocation, blood oath in the city

Black ghosts around a spiked table give you shivers in the back ? So it's time for you to hear the new album of Suffocation : "Blood Oath". Let's talk with these death metallers from New York.

After 20 years of activity, how do you see the evolution of Suffocation and your music ?
Well I think at this point we have matured as a band and as individuals. I think our music will always continue to evolve and keep up with the times. with 20 years under your belt you have to continue to change things a little but keep it true to the suffocation formula.

Is it easy to play death metal in New York right now or is it better outside ?
No its easy for us to play death metal anywhere and with NY being our hometown area the fans will always show up. the scene in NY may not be as big as some other areas of the country but its a good scene so we enjoy playing NY.

Why and how did you sign a deal with Nuclear Blast in 2008 and not with a US label ?
Well Nuclear Blast has been talking with us for some time and we finished out our contract obligations with relapse so it was time to look at some different labels. nuclear blast was a long time fan of the band as well as being one of the biggest death metal labels out there so after talking with them and thier ideas on what they wanted to acheive we felt they were the best choice to go with after talking to other labels and its been working out so far.

Can you tell us more about the recording of "Blood Oath" ? How was the process ?
We take our time with every recording and this one was no exception. We wrote the songs first and then usually add the lyrics after the songs are finished. Mike wrote 3 songs on this album in full lyrics guitar and drums. the other songs were written mainly by Terrance with guy and derrek adding rythms as well. Derrek and myself wrote lyrics and guy wrote a song as well. we all have say in the final product and with recording at joes studio Full Force it works out cause we can feel comfortable in recording. he managed to get alot of new equipment and that helps to get the sound we want. I think this album has a sound better than anything we have had so far.

How can you describe the sleeve of this album ?
Jon Zig did all of the art work on this album and the cover represents all the 5 members taking an oath in blood to death metal. We took an oath to write and play death metal suffocation will never change.

Can you tell us more about your lyrics and the stories behind them ?
The lyrics in the album represent everything from religion, to the end of the world, Mental breakdowns , caught in between here and if there is another place after death and other perspectives of this life.

What will be the next step for Suffocation ?
The next step will be touring for the Blood Oath album. Getting the DVD out to the fans this year and then we will see what is in the cards for the future.

Interview by Dead Zone
Photo : DR

Suffocation, Blood Oath (Nuclear Blast/Pias)
July 2009


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