SWWAATS, brutal and wild

Straight from Florida, these guys take no prisoners with their first album for Nuclear Blast : "The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry". Apocalyptic.

First, can you tell us more about the name of the band ?
Ian Sturgill : The Name of the band comes from a piece that William Burroughs did with Keith Haring entitled "Apocalypse" in which he describes art taking a literal, physical form.

How can you describe your musical style for a person who doesn't know anything about the band ? Grindcore : is it too limited for SWWAATS ?
I am having trouble finding a word for it myself... basically, it's everything that's brutal and ugly about metal. We don't have limitations and we include anything that's heavy and pissed. Totally relentless. All killer and no filler. There is an element of atmosphere and noise that is also deliciously dark and alienating.

Can you tell us more about the recording of this first album ? Was it as a constant fight ?
It was a bit of a struggle, but I think that it added to the feeling of the record in general. It was really fun at times, however. We really did our best to execute the songs in a manner that did them justice. I would say that the writing process was more of a fight than the recording process, for sure. Lots of screaming and madness.

What was the meaning of the title for you ? The importance of Anarchy, regarding to the artwork ?
The album title is basically an abridged way of saying "Think for yourself, stop being a victim and take control of the power that you possess as an individual".Anarchy has little to do with it... what you may be referring to is the Alpha/Omega symbol... basically a merger of the Greek characters Alpha and Omega.This is meant to represent the infinite power of the individual, the god-like power that we all possess.

Can you tell us more about the track (sample) "Pity The Living, Envy The Dead" ? What is the importance of the samples in your music ?
There are times that we feel the need to express a feeling or sentiment in an auditory fashion that drums, guitar and vocals simply cannot convey. It is extremely important to us to make ourselves clear and not to omit anything that helps to illustrate our vision. Samples give us a way to break limitations that other bands may encounter when writing and performing their music. Jen has been doing what she's going for a long time and she's extremely good at it. That track in particular illustrates the atmosphere of a berker rush of police or military upon the general public, lead by a maniacal despotic dictator.

Did the violence, the power of the tracks are like a catharsis for everybody in the band ?
Absolutely yes. This is our way of dealing with our vehemence and negativity, as well as our way of conveying a dire message.

How is the metal scene in Florida right now ? Was it very important for you to have legendary bands like Death, Obituary or Morbid Angel in your area ? Was it an inspiration ? If not, what was the most influential thing for you ?
Tampa is great and has a fantastic heritage for serious as fuck, rabid metal fans. It's an honor to be here with the classics and the masters, doing our thing and being well received. Florida in general has a ton of wonderful bands and it's a pleasure to share the state with them.

Interview by Laurent Gilot
Photo : DR

Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky, "The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry" (Nuclear Blast)
April 2009


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